Board Commander Bonuses and Review

Click Here for Your Bonuses on 23rd April 10 am EDT Pinterest is a really good tool for driving targeted traffic to a website. Like any social media platform it requires a fair deal of time to build a really effective account. Boardcommander software provides and effective time saving solution. My exclusive bonuses will also dovetail nicely to give [...]

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7 Reasons You’re Losing Instagram Followers

Believe it or not, losing Instagram followers is not the end of the world. The drop may just be spammy bot traffic automatically unfollowing you. Or it could just be people who aren't into what you're about unfollowing you.  And that's fine. However, losing Instagram followers, coupled with bottoming out engagement rate, might mean you're doing something wrong. And here [...]

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Putting More Pull in Your Marketing? Pullii Review and Bonuses

Hit this button at 10am EST March 25th Building a website is one of the most daunting ideas in marketing. BUT it's pretty much the only way to go. Having a site is like having digital property- it's yours and you can build it up. Of course there are hundreds of courses out there showing you just how do [...]

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Setting Up Instagram Ads to Stories

The Instagram arsenal of tools for marketers is exploding. The very hottest development has arrived and it involves the story platform. Now you can run ads to other people's stories! This powerful tool is in its infancy but if you're wondering about how you go about setting up Instagram ads to stories, read on. What are Instagram stories? At the [...]

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Instagram New Features: Carousel/Slide Show Posts

Instagram New Features have been coming thick and fast. Thankfully each new feature has been added with purpose built planning. Now you can post multi-images that slide left to form a sequence. Brands are already jumping on this. Let's see how you might leverage this newest of Instagram new features. The Newest of Instagram New Features Revealed Instagram is of [...]

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Unfollow Ghost Followers on Instagram or Suffer the Consequences

The big attraction of Instagram for marketers is it's impressive engagement rate. At about 2% it blows twitter and even Facebook out of the water. Understandably, the fine folk at Instagram are keen to keep things this way. They come down super heavy on any account that has a whole bunch of followers who aren't active on the platform-known eerily [...]

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