CPA Display Academy Review and Bonuses

What is CPA Display Academy? This is a review of CPA display academy that is a training course in how to run traffic from display and native ads to CPA affiliate offers. There are two parts: the first is 10 lessons long and goes through everything you need for getting CPA set up. The second part is the main training [...]

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Smart Ads Builder Review and Bonuses

Here's a quick review for Smart Ads Builder. This is a web-based software that is a potential time saver for some of you marketers out there. Check out my review and bonuses. Who it's by... Smart Ads Builder is brought to you by Jai Sharma, Misan Morrison and Shubham Kumar. What is it? As mentioned before, it's a web-based [...]

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Find Your Target Market

Find Your Perfect Market Find a niche, find a niche- you hear plenty of marketers (including yours truly) banging on about this til we're blue it the face. However, the real secret to making your niche pay is to find your target market. That is: who your perfect customer is. Their age, their gender, where they hang out, [...]

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Instagram Tools- what you need…..

OK- so Instagram tools, what do you need? The simple answer is that you don't need any tools! If you are going to use instagram just for putting up pictures shot on your personal camera or iPhone/android then with the built in filters that IG provides already, then you're set. However, if you have bigger plans, maybe for marketing or you [...]

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An embarrassingly easy niche marketing strategy

Try this super easy niche marketing strategy It's always a bad idea to start any businessy post with a disclaimer (it screams "I don't know what I'm doing so I'll cover my a%@") but in this case I thought it essential I'll disclaim (is that even a word??) about the term "easy niche marketing strategy". There are some [...]

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Snap Review Plug in Review and Bonus

Snap Review Will Improve Conversions If you've spent any time in the IM niche, you'll have been told on a gazillion occasions that someone has found the "secret recipe" to success. Of course there is no secret- making gains in your business is a simple two part process. Find traffic Convert said traffic to sales Snap review plugin is [...]

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