Unfollow Ghost Followers on Instagram or Suffer the Consequences

The big attraction of Instagram for marketers is it's impressive engagement rate. At about 2% it blows twitter and even Facebook out of the water. Understandably, the fine folk at Instagram are keen to keep things this way. They come down super heavy on any account that has a whole bunch of followers who aren't active on the platform-known eerily [...]

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The secret to creating seriously good Instagram bios

The people with really really good Instagram bios are the ones who absolutely kill it. This is hardly surprising as the only clickable link on IG is in the bio. And your bio is the place where you can let people know who you are and what you do. Get your bio right and you're giving your Instagram marketing a [...]

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Instapilot Review and Bonuses

Hit this button at 11am EST March 1st   Why can't I use Instagram on my desktop? I often get asked. And it's true that without a series of software programs, you really need to use your phone. ¬†Instapilot may well be a god send for those folks wanting to use instagram but don't want to be tied to [...]

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How to Craft A Very Good Instagram Caption

What's the point of bothering with writing a good Instagram caption under your photos? It's an image based platform so no one cares what you write, right?? Actually, it's wrong- stats show that the right caption can raise engagement anywhere between 20-25%. Which makes sense, Instagrammer don't really take to text on the images themselves so how else are you [...]

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Where to find Instagram Influencers

Instagram Influencers! (any influencers come to think of it) are the modern day messiahs. Find one of these marketing holy people and with one touch they can bring instant success to your business and endless wealth to your life. That's what a lot of people 'in the know' would have you believe anyway:-). You can find courses charging literally thousands [...]

Does Covert Gawkr Honestly Work? Review and Bonuses

Come back here at 11am EST 29th January   Covert Gawkr is an intuitive new theme that lets you build niche sites very easily. My review will help you make an informed decision on whether this tool can help you. Who's behind this? The guys behind this are Soren Jordansen and the IM wealth builders team. These guys have [...]

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