Believe it or not, losing Instagram followers is not the end of the world. The drop may just be spammy bot traffic automatically unfollowing you. Or it could just be people who aren’t into what you’re about unfollowing you.  And that’s fine.

However, losing Instagram followers, coupled with bottoming out engagement rate, might mean you’re doing something wrong.

And here are 7 prime mistakes that commonly cause people to run from IG accounts like a group of vegans from a slaughter house.

losing instagram followers

Your Private Account Is Losing Instagram Followers

Let’s start with an obvious one. Though exclusivity plays a part in business, having your account set on private can seriously damage your growth. Instagram is an image-based platform. If no-one can see you, it’s very hard to build a brand image.

So put your Instagram page setting to public.

You’re Getting too Personal

This is really, really important. It’s essential to put personality and character in your Instagram so people can connect. But making your business account too personal is a sure fire route to losing Instagram followers.

Unless you’re a recognised star- too many pics of your dog, family, and other pics unrelated to your biz will only damage you.

losing instagram followers

You keep repeating yourself, repeating yourself, repeating yourself…

Might seem obvious one. But when you only have left yourself a short window to get that day’s post together strange things can happen. It’s very easy to think “yesterday’s post worked well, I’ll post something similar”, or even “I’ll just post it again.”

No, no, no! Granted it’s important to have some recognisable theme running through your pics. This doesn’t mean posting the same stuff again and again.

If you posted a motivational quote yesterday- try something more picture oriented the next day.

You’re Posting too Much

Though some brands successfully share 10 pics a day for us mere mortals this will come across as spamming.

The chances are if you start putting up more 1-3 pics a day the quality of post will drop.

Your followers will not thank you for filling their timeline with shoddy pics and will react accordingly- unfollowing or even blocking.

You Don’t Respond To Comments

We’re into pet hate territory here.

Instagram is a social media platform. That is social- spelt S-O-C-I-A-L. This means interacting with people. If someone takes the trouble to leave a meaningful comment on your post. Respond in a timely fashion.

There’s nothing worse than these borderline spammers who just throw up posts and can’t even be troubled to answer comments.

It’s like having a customer walk into your store and ask you a question. Only for you to completely ignore them.

Set your notifications to ‘on’ or even better grab something like Iconosquare that’ll let you track all your comments. And get answering.

losing instagram followers

You’re not following other users

This is a moot point. But the plain truth is a lot of Instagram users use a basic follow for follow strategy.

Anyone who decides not to play this particular game will find that other accounts will just unfollow them. Purely because you don’t reciprocate.

This requires really top quality and sticky content to stop your account growth form stalling. Or you might like to ignore losing Instagram followers. Especially if your engagement is good.

You Content Is Confusing

This is another easy to trap to fall into. You realise that you need variation on your content so you try something different everyday.

The result is you put up a hotch potch of random pics.

Generally this gives a less than impressive image of your brand.

Get some kind of theme going- whether it’s colors, content, feel, or a combination of these.

Avoid these 7 deadly sins and you’ll go a long way to fixing the problem of losing Instagram followers.

Anything to add, please just put it below.