OK, so you type “best instagram hashtags” into google and you get a ton of results. But, but, but….most of those people will be saying woolley stuff like get relevant hashtags or find targeted hashtags that fit your business. Well thank you!!! Such vague advise will get you absolutely nowhere.

So, being the kind soul that I am, I have come up with three little strategies that will get you well and truly kick started with finding a whole bunch of juicy tags for you and your brand. Enjoy……

Finding the Best Instagram Hashtags Tip 1: The Top Down Method

One issue that a lot of brands have when they start out is getting a clear grip on what hashtags will really bring in the right traffic to their business.

The top down method of finding the best Instagram hashtags actually uses google keyword planner to help you get the best hashtags in your niche. Simply start with a base keyword (“travel” if you are in the travel niche for example).

Then grab the relevant keywords that google throws up and punch them in the Instagram search to see if they have any similar hashtags.

Check out the video below to see exactly how I use this free tool to power my hashtag search.

Tips 2: The Bottom Up Method

This quick little technique helps you find a ton of relevant viral content and the hashtags that will help you attract massive targeted traffic to your brand on Instagram.

It uses a neat tool called buzzsumo which is paid but you can use their software to search three times a day completely free. The video explains everything below.

Tip 3: Best Instagram Hashtags with the Seed Method

The seed techniques uses a great free tool called keywordshitter. Tap in a keyword that is relevant to your business and see hundreds of ideas come back at you!

You can then tap these into the Instagram search tool and crank out the hashtags best for you.

Watch the Video Below On How To Find the Best Instagram Hashtags

There you  have it- three killer methods to find the best Instagram hashtags for you and your brand (any comments just drop them below).