The temptation to buy instagram followers is undeniably powerful. Everyday you spend what seems to be hours liking and commenting away. The results seem to be minuscule as your follower count crawls upwards while everyone around you seems to sky rocket the action on their accounts.

This article gives a good look at all the factors you need to think about when considering the best way to explode your Instagram account.  Including whether to buy or not to buy.

Why would anyone buy Instagram followers?

There is an overriding feeling that size matters with Instagram marketing. The more followers you have, the bigger punch you can pack. Is this thinking correct though?

Certainly, very powerful element of social proof is that crowds attract crowds. For some marketers and entrepreneurs this translates to mean bigger is better. So more followers is good.

The three broad methods to get more followers are:

  • Like, follow, comment, post great content manually to attract people. Or pay an assistant to do it.

  • Go to a company who supply IG followers and buy them. Some companies will charge a fixed price to add anything up to 50,000 followers to your account.
  • Have a software that will automatically like, follow, and even comment on other people’s accounts to grow your own accounts follower numbers. This works on the basis that if you interact with other people’s accounts, some will start following you.

    These kinds of software are sometimes one off payments, charged monthly, or have a pay-as-you-go system.

Which of these methods you choose depends on a lot of factors. Off the bat though, I would advise not to let pure laziness become a deciding factor here. Let’s help make an informed decision.

The Buying Followers Myth

The main argument for buying followers is of course to attract more followers. We look at the KIm kardasshians and Kyle Jenners and think “ahhh I’d love to get a million like son one post”.

Though its true that social proof works as a magnet for new prospects, merely having a big number in your followers counts for very little.

The really powerful magnet for Instagram users (apart from great content) is to see a ton of interaction. Check out @chriskubby  for someone with a massive Instagram presence but only a relatively low number of followers. @thisoldshirt made it onto Rolling Stones top 100 IG accounts list with less than 10,000 followers.

Size loses out to the amount of interaction and engagement on an account pretty much everytime.

Buying Followers con no.1: 

Though they are often advertised as “real followers” the accounts whose follow you’ll be buying will be at best ghost followers (they don’t comment or like your posts) or even worse, fake accounts.

Your number of followers will be just that, a number.

Buying followers con no. 2:

Instagram is very sensitive to accounts having massive spikes in follower numbers. So buying followers could well see your account closed down.

Avoid annoying Instagram

  1. Don’t like more than 350 posts in an hour

  2. Don’t follow/unfollow more than 20 an hour

  3. Don’t tag accounts you don’t know

  4. Check out the full community guidelines

So, spam bots are OK, aren’t they?

If buying followers outright is the dark side then using bots is kind of shady.

The action of liking, commenting, etc. is all automated but the accounts you are following and engaging with are all genuine. This means followers you accrue from bot activities should mostly be real people.

That means you can get real Instagram traffic from accounts assisted with automated software.

As a full disclaimer, I use bot software for some of my accounts. Because…..they save time. Their hands off nature is very attractive for us busy parents and workers.

Automated bot software has it’s merits, but let’s slap a big warning sign on this.

Bot con no.1: Automated software goes against IG’s terms of service. By using them you run the risk of being closed down.

Bot con no. 2: Spammy direct messages and comments are just plain terrible (wow! cool! great stuff!). They destroy the whole feel of Instagram.

Con no. 3: Bots do the same activities as us humans but engagement is NOT the same as doing it yourself. Those wonderful folk at did a full experiment and found that engagement on bot run accounts was less than half a fully manually managed one.

Some Bot Rules

  • Don’t use a bot for commenting and direct messaging, it’s impersonal and annoying and will drive people away.
  • Keep the follow and liking rates really low to avoid upsetting Instagram.
  • Don’t use a bot on any account that is important to you. Even if you’re super careful, using automated software can get you banned.
  • Keep your activities consistent, using a bot can lead you to make big actions in short bursts. This is a recipe for disaster as well.

Buy Instagram Followers…….NOT!

Buying IG followers is tantamount to throwing money down the pan. Using automated software “bots” can work but is dangerous so you’re left with doing it yourself!

Set up a great account, find a good theme to your content, like, comment and follow consistently and you’ll be set.

My free training can help you there.