Instagram Trends for 2017

"If you're standing still you're going backwards" goes the old saying, and looking at Instagram trends for 2017 this particular social media platform is full steam ahead. Since it's takeover by Facebook in 2012, the mighty IG has gone from 30 to 500 million users. And it's careful balancing of progress while preserving it's fundamentals [...]

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3 Ways to Find the Best Instagram Hashtags for Your Business

OK, so you type "best instagram hashtags" into google and you get a ton of results. But, but, but....most of those people will be saying woolley stuff like get relevant hashtags or find targeted hashtags that fit your business. Well thank you!!! Such vague advise will get you absolutely nowhere. So, being the kind soul [...]

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Buy Instagram Followers, or not?

The temptation to buy instagram followers is undeniably powerful. Everyday you spend what seems to be hours liking and commenting away. The results seem to be minuscule as your follower count crawls upwards while everyone around you seems to sky rocket the action on their accounts. This article gives a good look at all the [...]

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Instagram Live Video: What’s happening?

Instagram live video has arrived. In 2016, Instagram went all snap-chat with it’s introduction of Instagram stories. Now the mighty IG has followed in Facebook`s footsteps and got it`s own live streaming tool. Unlike Facebook, Live stories disappear as soon as you’ve stopped recording them. Like the proverbial one night, they don’t stick [...]

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Instagram Stories: What’s the story?

Another way to tell your story Instagram Stories blah blah blah blah.... I'm betting you've already seen a million and one articles about Instagram's answer to the Snapchat 'threat'. As always though with the average blog post in the IM on online marketing niche, there's not much content in them i.e. I had trouble finding [...]

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Finding Your USP The Easy Way

Finding your USP the easy way?? Sounds like a neat title, right? But you may well be thinking what the heck is a USP, and why does it need finding? Two fair questions, which we'll answer as briefly as possible coz as with all these things, the what and the why are actually far less [...]

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Instagram Tools- what you need…..

OK- so Instagram tools, what do you need? The simple answer is that you don't need any tools! If you are going to use instagram just for putting up pictures shot on your personal camera or iPhone/android then with the built in filters that IG provides already, then you're set. However, if you have bigger plans, [...]

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