Find Your Perfect Market

Find a niche, find a niche- you hear plenty of marketers (including yours truly) banging on about this til we’re blue it the face. However, the real secret to making your niche pay is to find your target market.

That is: who your perfect customer is. Their age, their gender, where they hang out, offline, and online etc etc.

Do this, and you can reach them in a way that your competitors cannot. In this post, we’ll look at how you can do deep target analysis. Bore down and find out exactly who it is you need to be communicating. And what you should be saying to them.

find your target market

Basic Demographics and Psychographics

The basis of deep analysis to find your target market centres on two main sets of criteria:

  • Demographics (age, gender, location, education, marital status etc. etc.)
  • Psychographics (simply why a person behaves in the way they do)

Get these nailed and the way you communicate with your audience will improve beyond recognition.

For those doubters out there, let’s give an example to drive this point home.

Take the super-niche make money online, this¬†audience might seem uniform in that all people within it want to…make money (and use the internet to do it).

But consider this, you have John, on the one hand, who is 45 years old, recently laid off from a pretty well-paid insurance job, and has a wife and two children to support.

John has decided that the internet is a potential tool for turning his situation around. To place him firmly back in control of his life and as the main breadwinner of his household.

On the other hand you have Salman, an 18-year-old whizz kid. He has advanced coding, HTML, photoshopping skills and has decided that college sucks. He can make a tonne of cash doing some online business stuff.

Therefore, you can see how our fictional John and Salman would have massively differing views, attitudes, financial means, and overall behaviour.

This is because the demographics (personal situation) of your customer moulds their psychographics (how they feel and react).

Once you identify these groups within your niche you can then decide which one you can help the most and communicate with the easiest. If you are a 43-year-old mother of three, then the logical step is to choose a target market that you have more affinity with.

Some Tools Of The Trade

When you start the journey to find your target market you’ll soon discover that a lot of the tools are pretty highly priced. The good news for us penny-pinchers is that there is a whole host of great tools that cost nothing. I recommend:

  1. Google Display Planner
  2. Amazon
  3. Forums and Blogs (Board reader)
  4. Twitter

The video opposite will give you a quick overview of how these can help you.

Find Your Target Market Video

Hopefully you can see the power of finding out exactly who your target audience. Once you have learned to use these free tools to find your target audience, your content can become far more focussed and speak the right language for your followers and prospects. If you enjoyed this article and found it interesting then please pass it around and leave a comment.