Right, so you’ve jumped on the Instagram bandwagon, gravy train. Whatever you want to call it. You’ve made a great choice for sure. However, one look at the search page on IG and you’ll see tonnes of posts getting absolutely tonnes of likes and engagement. And engagement is the clear barometer for who is paying attention to you. Your thoughts will soon turn to how to get more instagram likes.

No doubt panic will set in. And next you’ll be drawn to the dark side. Boosting your numbers quick with bought likes and bot software is super tempting but DON’T do it!!! Instagram is shutting thousands of accounts down for illicit activities.

So do the wise thing and follow these powerful tips on how to get more instagram likes. Enjoy

How to Get More Instagram Likes the Smart way

Make your posts good! Duh! Obvious one.

But let’s look at what makes a ‘good’ post.

  1. Get the Blues

Big simple blocks of color get more engagement on IG. And blue has been shown to get the best results.

Also keep in mind that red and oranges tend to be ‘action’ colors.

Don’t over do it- but bear this in mind when you post.

2. Face the truth

People like people- so it’s not surprising that posts with people (especially faces) get better engagement.

Be careful not to make your business IG account TOO personal. But including images of real people connected to your brand and company works to make it more relevant to viewers.

3. Filter out the rubbish

It’s tempting to get carried away with using the IG filters. Some researchers have suggested the mayfair filter is best for engagement.

The truth is though that the manual brightness/ contrast / sharpness filters give you much more flexibility.

On your Iphone just hit the little lever button second from the right under your photo. You can then tweak your image to give it more warmth, crispness, what ever it needs.

Don’t Make a Hash of Your Hashtags

There are two points here.

Firstly, find hashtags relevant to your business that have a good couple of hundred thousand posts. This means they are popular but not too competitive. Then check the top posts for that tag. If they are getting a few thousand likes at least, then it’s a promising hashtag.

Secondly, trending tags are super powerful. Again they MUST be relevant tags.

This post got all it’s juice from the bostonmarathon tag (and personable content).

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If you can find some event that is big on current buzz and (very importantly) connected to your business it can be a huge engagement magnet.

Don’t use random trending hashtags- it might get you short term interaction. But it will be from the wrong people!

Get Interactive

This one usually goes right past “whizz-kid” marketers and entrepreneurs. The simple action of hitting the search page and liking and commenting on related content on other accounts works like magic.

Social media is much more enjoyable when you keep it social. It also garners the best results in terms of conversions and sales.

It’s tempting to go for quantity over quality. But 20 thought out and personal comments will pack far more punch than 100 “spammed” or generic “awesome” or ‘smily face’ comments.

There are so many marketers and businesses on Instagram just spraying crappy meaningless comments around.

Consider that an opportunity for you to come in with some real communication and blow people away!

There are a whole load more tricks and tactics you can use to get more engagement on your IG account. And they don’t need to be under hand or breaking their TOS.

If you have any other great tips on how to get more Instagram likes. Just drop them in the comments. If you want access to a whole universe of Instagram related training CHECK OUT MY MEMBERSHIP. You get a free trial to check things out.