Instagram live video has arrived. In 2016, Instagram went all snap-chat with it’s introduction of Instagram stories. Now the mighty IG has followed in Facebook`s footsteps and got it`s own live streaming tool.

instagram live video

Unlike Facebook, Live stories disappear as soon as you’ve stopped recording them. Like the proverbial one night, they don’t stick around:-)

This latest addition to the stories function is not only a great little tool to play around with but creates yet another potential angle for the budding Instagram marketer.

Check out this video….

How to use Instagram live video.

Built in scarcity, wow!

The old sales addage is emotion and urgency = conversion. And that’s why there are tons of funky tools you can add to a website to make people BUY NOW!

Instagram live’s ephemeral nature means you’re going to get automatic limited time only action.

That’s why we’re already started playing around with giving very special offers to those customers who turn up to a live feed at a specific time.

Go direct to your customers

Along with the new live tool, another addition to the suite is Direct stories. This allows you to record a quick story and then send it to selected followers. Once they watch it, it disappears.

This is fantastic- imagine just hitting up your prime customers and prospects with personal videos.

Now, we’ve only just got started with this but a billion ideas are buzzing around my head wiht how to leverage my business with this one.

Check out this video on how to use direct stories….

Let me know how you’ve been using the new live video streaming tool on Instagram and how you’ve been hitting people with the direct stories, I’d be really happy to know what fun you’ve been having- comment below.