Instagram New Features have been coming thick and fast. Thankfully each new feature has been added with purpose built planning.

Now you can post multi-images that slide left to form a sequence.

Brands are already jumping on this. Let’s see how you might leverage this newest of Instagram new features.

The Newest of Instagram New Features Revealed

Instagram is of course image-based. And despite all the latest additions, that visual element remains central to it’s ethos.

The introduction of FB style carousel images is therefore something of a natural progression.

Plenty of brands an personal accounts have been using this tool, and the hashtag swipeleft is being used to tag these posts.

There’s a whole shed of ideas to put this function in use.

  • Create a story
  • A how to sequence like a recipe.
  • A connected sequence of videos.
  • A collection of photos from a trip or event.

My video will show you the “how to” angle.

Instagram New Features Explained: Create a how to post

There’ll be more on this Instagram feature forthcoming.

If you’ve had any success or good ideas concerning the carousel multi-image posts, feel free to drop them below in the comments.