OK- so Instagram tools, what do you need? The simple answer is that you don’t need any tools! If you are going to use instagram just for putting up pictures shot on your personal camera or iPhone/android then with the built in filters that IG provides already, then you’re set.

However, if you have bigger plans, maybe for marketing or you want to build your account quickly or put out some really funky pics, then you might want think about grabbing some tools to help you get the right images and messages going out to the right people.

This article will give anyone who’s just looking to kick on with Instagram as a marketing platform an overview and start point.

Creating Images that count

We’re presuming here that you already have a niche lined up- ie someone to market to and something to market. If not, this article might help you out. Of course instagram is an image based platform so having good looking images is paramount. Two free/cheap apps that you can grab from the app store are wordswag, and canva. Both these provide great filter, text overlay and editing functions that help you make your images look above and beyond.

They also have built in image resources so if you don’t have a ready supply of images you can use theirs (they won’t be completely original of course). Other places you can find great free images include pexel, graphicstock (not free but they often run limited time offers) among others.

The secret of successful image marketing on Instagram is to find a filter and style that matches your company and stick to that in all of your images. Make you brand immediately recognisable.

Instagram tools

Managing Your Account

The one thing that is bound to kill you atttempts to build a substantial account on Instagram is lack of consistent action. Any business, and particularly social media stuff like Instagram requires daily actioning of you marketing process.

Let’s look at how you can go about achieving that regular money making action.

The more real followers you get on Instagram, the more powerful your brand will become. Once you get up to that 50,000, 100,000….even a million followers you will be able to use it to leverage your business and also have people after you to leverage their businesses too.

The concept of building your Instagram account is simple. Follow people who might be interested in what you are doing. Like some of their stuff, comment and about 25% of them should follow back. It’s not cool to have less people you are following than who are following you so you need an Instagram tool that will allow you to do this like unfollowgram.

It’s also essential to make sure you know all the key stats about your account, for this a super-cheap tool  called Iconosquare gives you everything you need to know about what posts are working, what times you should post etc, etc.

I have put together a very epic video training on how I get my accounts bouncing along nicely on Instagram.

The reality for a lot of us is that we just don’t have enough time to devote to building a accounts every single day. This is where software can help. Check out my recommendation.

The video to the left gives a quick intro to a tool that I have been using for a while. I say “use” here, not “abuse”! These kinds of tools are extremely powerful but can be put to the wrong purpose. I explain more in the vide0. Watch it- it’s only short!

That should give you some direction with how to get on with your Instagram marketing and what Instagram tool (or tools) fit you and your needs.

Any questions, just comment below and don’t forget to share this around if you found it interesting and useful.