“If you’re standing still you’re going backwards” goes the old saying, and looking at Instagram trends for 2017 this particular social media platform is full steam ahead.

Since it’s takeover by Facebook in 2012, the mighty IG has gone from 30 to 500 million users. And it’s careful balancing of progress while preserving it’s fundamentals is at the core of this amazing success story.

For the marketer it’s essential to keep up with trends and developments, and for the everyday user,it’s just plain fun. So let’s take look at the Instagram trends 2017.

Instagram Shopping

Instagram and ecommerce (that’s selling physical products online) go together like Mr. Trump and younger wives.

In recognition of this, Instagram is rolling out it’s Instagram shopping tags heading into 2017.

As you know, there’s only ever been one link allowed on Insta (in the bio of a page). But with shopping tags, there’ll be a tag on the bottom left of a post. Users can hit this tag and be taken to a more detailed product description. Here they will have the option to visit the website and purchase if they want.

This is pretty revolutionary and any ecomm. store owner should watch out for this.

Expanding Ads Portfolio

The ads platform on Instagram is constantly evolving as they look to develop the perfect set up for advertisers to profit without affecting user experience.

One new feature is the promoted post function that allows you to directly drive paid traffic to any given post on your page.

Similar to the Promoted post option on Facebook (TM), you can now set up an ad right in the app itself.

This kind of ad tends to act as a great barometer to how much engagement you can get on Instagram. This is particularly useful for testing out a new niche.

Instagram Stories now have Insights and Ads

Spend more than 10 seconds on Instagram and you’ll see that everyone is using the Instagram stories tool to show a little glimpse of their lives/brand.

The really big news is that there are plans to bring ads to the stories tool. This means you’ll have a mini-webinar set up. This hasn’t been rolled out yet but definitely watch this space for more on this.

If you have any other Instagram trends news, please do leave it below in the comments.