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Why can’t I use Instagram on my desktop? I often get asked. And it’s true that without a series of software programs, you really need to use your phone.  Instapilot may well be a god send for those folks wanting to use instagram but don’t want to be tied to their phones all day.

This Instapilot Review and Bonuses article will give you a bit more of an idea if this is for you.

What is Instapilot?

Instapilot is a new software from Sam Robinson and his team. Sam is a proven Instagram software designer and he has put together a comprehensive suite of Instagram automative tools.

Whether you want to control your followers, change your profile, automate posts, link to an Ecomm store, sell Amazon stuff on IG, Instapilot has it all.

Who’s this for?

If you want an all-under-one-roof Instagram management system then Instapilot is for you. All for a one-off payment.

However, if you are already happy with how you manage your IG accounts, and have a good system up and runnning, then this tool might not be for you.

Instapilot Review and Bonuses

What Do You Get?

Frontend ($37 Early Bird/$42)

  • INBOX: Users can check their instagram account inbox right from the web app and reply their messages.
  • INTEGRATION: Ability to integrate single or multiple instagram accounts and also remove them off the web app at anytime. Users can also edit the information on their profile and manage their profile from the web app.
  • SEARCH: Users can perform a keyword based search of pictures/videos or both on Hashtags, Geotags, Post and Users. Thereafter users can perform the following actions on the search result; like, comment, autopost the picture or video to their profile or multiple instagram account connected to the web app, post the media as story to their instagram profile, download the images into their local computer or gallery in the web app, also share the images to their audience (followers/following of their profile).
  • TRENDING POSTS & HASHTAGS: Users at a glance you can see trending posts & hashtags based on their instagram most carried out activity (based on the kind of pictures/videos they like and comment on).
  • MANAGE FOLLOWERS: Users of InstaPilot can use this feature to select all his/her followers and follow them all with a click of the mouse or select specific users and follow them at once etc.
  • AUTO-POST: Users can post images & videos from the web to their instagram profile. They can make an instant post or schedule a post to be posted in the future.

OTO 1 ($77)

  • AUTO-ENGAGEMENT: You can perform several auto engage actions like; Auto comment, Auto Like, Auto follow, Auto follow back, Auto Unfollow etc based on targeted settings like tags, usernames, location etc.
  • YOUTUBE TO INSTAGRAM: Users can search for youtube videos right from the web app based on keywords, preview and post it to their Instagram profile.

OTO 2 ($67)

  • ECOMMERCE INTEGRATION: This feature is an exciting one as it enables InstaPilot user to engage and sell their affiliate products to their instagram audience. Users will create a store on the app, get their unique store link updated in their instagram profile. update their affiliate details of amazon, ebay, aliexpress and shopify, import product into their store on instapilot from any of the supported affiliate platforms. Users can upload a logo they want the store to have and a store name.
  • MANAGE STORE: This is where users input their preferred call to action they want to append to all products posted from their store on instapilot to their instagram profile. This is basically where they manage their products like post to instagram profile, schedule for future posting, post product on Facebook & Twitter, share product details with their Instagram followers/following, delete from store etc.

What are your bonuses?

Over 30 minutes of brand new video training…

  • Write a killer Instagram Bio the WILL convert.
  • Write killer Instagram captions to drive engagement
  • A little known engagement hack (free of course)

Plus- free video snippets (license free) to use in dozens of niches.

Plus- graphics pack to boost your image and website content/brand.

When is it Live?

It goes live at 11am EST 1st March

Where Do I get My Bonuses?

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