How to Craft A Very Good Instagram Caption

What's the point of bothering with writing a good Instagram caption under your photos? It's an image based platform so no one cares what you write, right?? Actually, it's wrong- stats show that the right caption can raise engagement anywhere between 20-25%. Which makes sense, Instagrammer don't really take to text on the images themselves so how else are you [...]

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Where to find Instagram Influencers

Instagram Influencers! (any influencers come to think of it) are the modern day messiahs. Find one of these marketing holy people and with one touch they can bring instant success to your business and endless wealth to your life. That's what a lot of people 'in the know' would have you believe anyway:-). You can find courses charging literally thousands [...]

Does Covert Gawkr Honestly Work? Review and Bonuses

Come back here at 11am EST 29th January   Covert Gawkr is an intuitive new theme that lets you build niche sites very easily. My review will help you make an informed decision on whether this tool can help you. Who's behind this? The guys behind this are Soren Jordansen and the IM wealth builders team. These guys have [...]

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Instagram Trends for 2017

"If you're standing still you're going backwards" goes the old saying, and looking at Instagram trends for 2017 this particular social media platform is full steam ahead. Since it's takeover by Facebook in 2012, the mighty IG has gone from 30 to 500 million users. And it's careful balancing of progress while preserving it's fundamentals is at the core of [...]

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3 Ways to Find the Best Instagram Hashtags for Your Business

OK, so you type "best instagram hashtags" into google and you get a ton of results. But, but, but....most of those people will be saying woolley stuff like get relevant hashtags or find targeted hashtags that fit your business. Well thank you!!! Such vague advise will get you absolutely nowhere. So, being the kind soul that I am, I have [...]

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Buy Instagram Followers, or not?

The temptation to buy instagram followers is undeniably powerful. Everyday you spend what seems to be hours liking and commenting away. The results seem to be minuscule as your follower count crawls upwards while everyone around you seems to sky rocket the action on their accounts. This article gives a good look at all the factors you need to think [...]

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