Check out Product X and the bonuses

What is Product X?

Nope, this is not some gimmicky curiosity creator. Product X really is the course with no name.

So let’s give you the insider info. This is a course by Adam Payne- he’s an experienced Youtube and paid ads marketer. And he prides himself on transparency.

In this course he takes you through every (and I mean EVERY) step he took to get leads of of FB. He explains every little technical bit and every tool he used.

Who’s this For??

If you have never tried FB ads, or you have tried and found yourself getting horrible results, then this course is for you.

Product X review and bonuses

What Do I Get??

This is a no- OTO course. So you get about 10 modules all with 3-4 videos. All over the shoulder with links to any tools mentioned.

What’s TheDamage??

It is $47 (which is a fair price I believe) BUT if you put in the code (should be in the email I sent) then you’ll get 20off – which makes a more than reasonable $27.

What are the bonuses??

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When’s it Live?

Errrr…. now!:-)

Check out Product X and the bonuses