The people with really really good Instagram bios are the ones who absolutely kill it. This is hardly surprising as the only clickable link on IG is in the bio. And your bio is the place where you can let people know who you are and what you do.

Get your bio right and you’re giving your Instagram marketing a massive boost. This article shows how the experts do it.

All good Instagram bios tell us……who you are and what you do

When you put your bio together, put your resume hat on.

First thing, when you open your Instagram account, think about the user name and account name carefully.

The username should say who you are/your company is. The account name should tell people what you do.

Of course, if you already have a massive brand presence, then you can put something mysterious or that only your fans know- check out this Korean singer/dancer’s page. He doesn’t need to put much in his much info in his bio because his followers know who he is.


But for us normal folk, your username/name and bio needs to show people WHO you are….

The image below is a really simple example- this page provides motivational quotes. So that’s what it says in the name section.

good instagram bios

How to change your IG username/name and bio

One very sweet thing about IG is that you can switch up the username/name and bio anytime you want. Here’s how…..

Good Instagram Bios Always Have Character

Depending on who you listen to, you have about 7 to 10 seconds to grab a new visitor’s attention.

This means your IG bio needs to pop and be brimming with personality.

Check out this UK-based entrepreneur’s page bio….

She uses every character in her bio to maximum effect (you only have 150 to play with). Her bio tells us WHO she is.

Of course if your line of work is not as exciting or unique as this lady’s then throw in some of your hobbies, or even your character traits.

Emojis work

If you’re not one of these people who automatically sticks emojis in their emails/texts/ posts, then you need to change your ways. Emojis work ad get people engaged.

And little pictures thrown into your bio can work wonders too. Don’t know which ones to use? This article shows all the images that power the highest engagement.

Get spaced out

Social media platforms are, by very nature, uniform. That is they have their own default spacing, fonts, font size, positioning etc.

This means any user not taking the time and effort to change things up, will find they blend in. Of course this makes you far more ignorable.

Check out topliketags and you can see how they have messed around with the spacing.

The pain in the neck thing is that when you save your profile on Instagram, it automatically deletes any spaces you put in there.

There are two ways round this…

  1. Copy and paste spacing from a word pad.
  2. Format your profile in word, or some other word pad software. And copy and paste it into IG afterwards.

This is well worth doing, the account below gets massively stronger engagement that other accounts we have set up with the usual formatting.

Our last two points are the basics, but soooooo important.

Call to action and your website

It’s quite incredible the amount of companies that screw this simple point up.

When a visitor hits your bio, after you give them some idea who you are you should do two things.

Firstly, give them a chance to visit your website. Secondly, tell them what you would like them to do.

Emirates airline give a really good example of both of these.

Hopefully this gives you a clear idea of how the really good Instagram bios work. Check out the competition in your niche/business/field and see what works for them. If you have any ideas, just drop them in the comments below.