Let’s talk about CPA (cost per action affiliate offers) and why the CPA Conversion Point may just be the breath of fresh air it needs.
Among the dark denizens of online marketing, CPA has perhaps the shadiest rep. of them all.
Stolen leads, stolen traffic, affiliate networks that are impossible to get into (and don’t even pay out when you do), not to mention the super high tech ability you need to make CPA fly. Also CPA gurus abound, promising easy CPA riches when they’ve only made $1.20 themselves with CPA marketing.
Yep, there are many very good reasons for avoiding CPA like the plague.
So why am I about to introduce a CPA offer to you? Am I just like the drug pusher who says “all those other dealers are filth, but my stuff is clean, honest!”
The answer is no, let me explain.

The man behind the cpa conversion point

There’s a guy named Neil who lives up in northern England and he makes money online. And he makes his money finding ways to run traffic to CPA offers and converting that traffic into sales, or leads.
You read that correctly, he actually makes his living doing this stuff.
And this simple fact stands him apart from about 97% of the other marketers out there in the mmo niche.
Once you grab this course you’ll see just how rough an ready the training is.
Take that as a good thing – Neil already makes a tidy living with CPA so doesn’t feel the need to go over board with the slick product design stuff.
Take it or leave it:-)

What is the conversion point

If you have any dealings with CPA you’ll know there are three real barriers to making it work:
– affiliate networks that have ridiculously high entree conditions
– you need excellent ad copy skills to get traffic to convert
– and you need Steve jobs level tecchie skills to set up funnels that will work.
My review shows you that the conversion point offers very viable strategies to by-pass these barriers.

The conversion point review and bonuses

What you get
Front end $7-9.95
Video training on free and paid traffic methods to convert CPA offers. Plus introduction to low entry CPA networks.
Oto 1 $27
Over 90 minutes of videos on how to get every last drop of value out of any lead that drops on your list.
Oto 2 $197
One-to-one training in affiliate marketing.


For Front end: CPA support pack

For frontend and OTO 1 CPA support pack and extra case study.

When is it available?

Goes live: November 11th 9 am EST

I want my bonuses