The big attraction of Instagram for marketers is it’s impressive engagement rate. At about 2% it blows twitter and even Facebook out of the water. Understandably, the fine folk at Instagram are keen to keep things this way. They come down super heavy on any account that has a whole bunch of followers who aren’t active on the platform-known eerily as ‘ghost followers’. To avoid he wrath of IG, you need to know how to unfollow ghost followers on Instagram. Or face having your account closed down/suspended.

And…….guess what?!? This article is going to show you just how to find those ghost followers and how to exorcise them (did you see what I did there??).

Who or what are ghost followers?

We already explained this, but a ghost follower is someone who follows you on Instagram but then doesn’t interact. This means no likes on your posts, no comments, no nothing.

There may be several reasons for someone to do this:

  1. It might be a spam account and the software they use doesn’t include liking and commenting.
  2. They might be some kind of online voyeur, and just like to watch (yuk!!)
  3. They might just not go on Instagram very often.

How long should you wait until you unfollow ghost followers on Instagram? This is particular to you and your account. The often quoted time is 3-4 months. But I often leave it shorter than that, perhaps a couple of weeks.

What ever the reason, you want those ghostly ones away from your Instagram account.

Why you want to be a ghost buster

We mentioned this in the intro. but there are actually a lot of good reasons for clearing ghost followers from your account.

  1. It looks bad in the eyes of people checking out your account if you have tens of thousands of followers but your posts only get a few likes and comments.
  2. Instagram don’t like low performing accounts and will punish them in the algorithm.
  3. If you have plenty of active followers then your posts just look far more attractive- which means more followers, which means more sales.

How to Unfollow Ghost Followers on Instagram

Let’s be clear here, we are not actually unfollowing ghost followers, we are going to block them.

Blocking is basically severing all ties with another persons account and your own. This means they cannot contact you, follow you, or find you in the search tool in the app. Arriverderce!

Here’s how to block a user on Instagram….

  1. Find the the block button in the top right hand corner of their account

Click the ‘block’ button


How Do I Find My Ghost Followers?

Instagram purposely makes it cumbersome to find and unfollow people en masse but there are some tools which can help you keep tabs on and unfollow ghost followers on Instagram. The video on the right will show you how.

I hope you found this quick guide on how to unfollow ghost on followers on Instagram useful. Remember, action maketh the man/woman so get cleaning your IG account now.